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Introducing the LAP blog

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I've previously toyed with the idea of a blog. I've wondered; is it needed in our industry? Will it be useful? Will it drive business? Or will I simply feel I'm sat at my desk talking to myself? I guess now is the time to find out!

Over the coming months, I will look to address some of the most common questions and issues the team and I encounter in the daily running of LAP Property Services.

We'll include questions about quotes, timely maintenance items, some common household issues and how to solve / avoid them, with a few property maintenance and refurbishment tips along the way. We'll also be including hints for landlords on common tenant issues, which will hopefully help in saving you some money, as well as providing insights into ongoing jobs and projects.

Finally, we're going to include a few of our mishaps, because, let's be honest - no one who has run a successful business is perfect or knows everything, and hopefully our mishaps might just become your amusement.

We would be delighted to hear suggestions for future articles and look forward to you joining us along the way.

Be sure to check back regularly and do get in touch with any maintenance questions - 020 7993 8277




t 020 7993 8277

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