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LAP Property Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I haven’t heard of you before or seen your advertising?

A) This is most likely because we are fortunate enough not to have to advertise. Our work is all obtained by way of mouth from our existing satisfied clients. This is also why we do not have a super high spec website as we don’t use this for advertising or search engine ranking.



Q) Do you supply the materials?

A) Yes - we feel that using our expertise to get the correct products is one of the most important aspects of the job. We can’t stand the trades that turn up on a motorbike expecting customers to supply the materials required.



Q) We are distant landlords - can you organise your visit with our tenant?

A) Most certainly - a lot of clients are not local, some as far as China, Texas, and Australia. In these instances it is normally easiest for us to contact the tenant to arrange our visit



Q) Our managing agent holds a set of keys - can you collect these?

A) Yes - we are happy to collect a set of keys held locally to the property at no extra charge.



Q) We have a tiny job that builders won’t call out to - will you?

A) Absolutely, we have lost count of the number of times we have been called to change a few lightbulbs or complete another minor task.



Q) I have seen your vans and website mention you specialise in services to the lettings industry, will you also work for private homeowners?

A) Whilst around 75% of our work is for estate agents, managing agents, and professional landlords we also work in private houses - very often those of the satisfied landlords we have worked for. 



Q) I notice your testimonials are anonymous - couldn’t they just be made up?

A) Our client base contains some well known names and we offer them, and all our customers, utmost discretion. We won’t publicly advertise who we work for at either company or individual level - but the originals of all testimonials are available on request. 



Q) Are you able to supply appliances?

A) This is something we are asked for often, we offer a full disconnection, disposal, supply, and fit service for all appliances including integrated machines

t 020 7993 8277

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