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LAP Property Services

Case Studies

Job Description: Picture Hanging

Location: W8

We received a call from an existing client who had refurbished a meeting room and wanted a specific picture arrangement. Having agreed and drawn up a plan of works we attended armed with all the required tools and equipment in order to do the job perfectly. Needless to say the client was delighted with the end result...

Job Description: Repacement Gate

Location: TW9

A professional landlord in Richmond contacted us to say one of their houses had an issue with a garden gate. Upon arrival we quickly communicated to the client that a repair wasn’t possible; at their authorisation we sourced and supplied a new gate, cut this to size and promptly fitted this for the tenant.

Job Description: Refurbishment of Communal Area

Location: NW3

Our client required redecoration and re-carpetting of the communal parts of their building. We agreed a colour scheme and completed the works in a timely manner to their exact specification of colours. We later returned and redecorated the exterior areas too.

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